Welcome Originals for teams

We should all be able to invest in ourselves and our careers as and when we want. But the tools and spaces that could help us feed that ambition, don’t really exist. At least until now: A Welcome Originals membership is an always-open source of knowledge and experience.

A company-wide Welcome Originals membership gives teams access to a stream of real advice and upfront information about work. It proves their employer cares about their progression. And it shows they believe in bold new work experiences

This self-progression is open to everybody. When your employer signs you up for Welcome Originals, your team will all bond over the same content.

Allow your team to reach their full potential

By giving them access to learn from the best professionnals and companies around the world.

Democratize learning

The advice and inspiration will be available to anyone, no matter what their job title is, or how many months they’ve been working at the company.

Increase employee engagement and retention

Turning self-progression into something that happens every day, without having to move jobs.

Learn every day

A brand new learning experience that reimagines when, how and why we choose to better ourselves.

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